What makes us different?
  • We are a family-owned business. We have owned and shown animals of all types, breeds and sizes and they are considered part of our family. When we decided to open a boarding facility, we wanted to make it a place we would take our animals. We are a Christian family and promise to treat your animals kindly.       
Is someone on the premises 24/7?
  • YES, our home is located on the property.     
Are all breeds and sizes of pets allowed?
  • YES, all breeds and sizes are welcome. We have various sized suites and carefully group pets by size, age and personality for play time to ensure everybody has a safe and fun visit.  Aggressive dogs and females in heat are NOT allowed!
Are older dogs or dogs with special needs accepted?
  • YES, we are able to care for senior and special needs dogs.  Please let us know if they require medications or limited exercise.
What vaccinations are required?
  • Dogs:   Parvo, Distemper, Rabies, Bordatella 
  • Cats:    FVRCP, Leukemia and Rabies
  • **Must be given two weeks prior to boarding**
Do you accept puppies 
  • YES, but they must be 6 months of age and have completed the entire series of vaccinations - Bordetella (2 boosters), Distemper/Parvo (DHPP-minimal 3 boosters), Rabies (1), Influenza (2) and a negative fecal exam.  For your puppy’s protection, all booster vaccines must be completed 30 days prior to boarding.
Does my pet need to be on flea prevention?
  • YES, all animals need to be on flea prevention.  NO  dogs  with fleas will be accepted.  If we see that they were not properly taken care of, we will call and have you pick them up.
Do I bring my pet's food?
  • YES, it is healthiest for your pet to eat the foods they are accustomed to at home. You will be required to bring their own food.
Should I bring their bed, blanket or toys?
  • Yes, although we can supply beds, and blankets,  if they have a favorite toy, feel free to bring it. Dogs tend to do better with a familiar smell/comfort from home.  We make no guarantees that it will be returned in good condition.
Can I tour your facility before boarding?
  • YES, we would love to show you around.  Please contact us to make an appointment.
Will you post photos of my pet?
  • YES, we will do our best to post pictures during their stay on Facebook, but don't be disappointed if you don't see your pet every day.
What happens if my dog gets hurt, or gets a cut or scrape?
  • Anyone who has animals learns quickly that animals use their paws and mouths to bump, tumble and play. Teeth and nails do leave marks occasionally. Our dog "wranglers" are out with the dogs when in the play yard. Their #1 priority is safety. However, every once in a while a cut, bite or abrasion happens. We do inspect each animal at the end of the day and emergency procedures are in place should the need arise. Please understand that Country Paws Lodge does NOT pay for veterinary care should any of these situations happen. Also, be assured that we do not allow aggressive dogs at our lodge.